Popular Talent Shows in India


Everyone could have some kind of talent in them. Instead of watching a talent show you should participate in that. In this way, you can get an appreciation of the audience. These talent shows provide you with a sense of performance and make you confidant. To participate in a talent show you should be aware of the talent present in you. Then you should choose an act to be performed on stage in front of everyone. Here are provided with some of the ideas that kids or adults can perform to showcase their talent in front of the audience to make themselves acknowledged.

Whatever your age is you can have some talent in yourself. These talents can be anything it can be a comedy, dance or singing. Here are some ideas to showcase your talent.

An important point to remember for performing in a show:

Following are the important points to keep in mind while choosing a talent show performance:

  1. You should choose an act of about just three minutes it should not be too much long or short.

  2. You should perform your act before and should review it before performing it on stage.

  3. Choose an appropriate act related to your act to perform.

  4. Practice your act as much as you can.

Ideas for Adults:

A talent show is a perfect opportunity to participate and let the world know about your talent. These talents are those which you have been performing since your childhood in college or school. Following are some ideas for adults for performing in a talent show:

  • Painting Pictures:

If you can paint beautiful pictures or can sketch the face of anyone then these shows are for you. The best thing to do is to take anyone from the audience and just sketch it. It will highly impress the audience. Or if you are good at painting the scenery then just pick the scenery and just paint it in as less time as you can. This demands your practice. So just practise making yourself perfect.

  • Singing:

Singing is a very big talent. If you have such talent in you. You should use this talent in performing in a talent show. For performance, you should take care that your voice is working fine. Don't put much load on your voice so that your performance does not suffer. Yet practice as much as you can to perfectly sing in front of the audience.

  • Magic Act:

If you know how to perform magic tricks than this act is perfect for you to perform in a talent show. Practice these magic tricks so that they should not look fake in front of the audience and judges. You should practice until you become professional to perform them. Make sure that you should not do any mistake in front of the audience.

  • Comedy Act:

If you have the talent of making everyone laugh then you should go for a comedy act or standup comedy act. Make sure that the jokes should not be difficult they should be easy to understand by the audience. And you should not be failed in making everyone laugh. You can take any topic and start acting on it and doing standup comedy on that and make everyone laugh.

  • Situational Drama:

It is not the usual drama act. In this drama act, you are given a theme to act on that theme. It could prove very beneficial for you because it can show a lot of variations in your acting skills. It is best if you use current affairs and perform a drama act on that. You should portray the given scenario in front of the audience and judges. Make sure that the act must be entertaining yet according to the scenario.

Ideas for kids:

Kids also have many talents in them. They are also provided with the platforms of talent shows to perform their talent in front of everyone. Kids need lots of practice to show their talent in front of everyone.

  • Skit Performance:

Those who are preparing kids to perform the skit you can search for the skits of kids. You can take any topic and any event to prepare kids for the skit. Make them practice well and make them remember the dialogues as well. They could need a lot of practice to be perfect in what they are doing. So give them the time to practice and then take them for the performance.

  • Dance Performance:

If any kid has the talent of dance he or she should take part in the show and show their talent in front of the audience. For this, you should practice in different dance formats and make themselves goof in different dance form so that they can compete well in the competition. Make different types of costumes for kids so that they look presentable while dancing.

  • Cheerleading:

Cheerleading is also a form of dance which they can perform in groups. Train them well to perform cheerleading dance and costume for this dance and props are very important to make them presentable. Also by increasing practice, they can perform well.

  • Playing an Instrument:

If any kid has the talent to use any instrument like guitar piano etc. they should also take part in the talent show. Because playing the instrument is really interesting talent. Make yourself good in the instrument which you are going to perform. Practice as much as you can to impress the audience and judges.

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