Pakistani talent shows


The talent show is an event in which a person can show their talent. They show their talent in different ways like performing the arts, dancing, singing, performing physical activity, acting, and playing an instrument. In the talent show, there are many participants. In the talent shows you can show your talent and the judges can select the best talent. The talent show can help you to boost the confidence and the participant can perform in the talent show to receive the rewards and prize. The talent shows are reality TV shows. There are many talents shows in every country. In Pakistan there are many talent shows in the Pakistani can perform their talent about singing and acting win the rewards.

Pakistani talent shows:

  • Pakistan Music Stars:

Pakistan Music Stars is a Pakistani talent show in which the participants can show their talent. This talent show is the music talent show that can buy the ARY Digital network. This talent show is the best in Pakistan. Every Sunday at 9 pm you can see this talent show on Ary Digital Network. This talent show is a real music talent show. In this show, there are six teams led. There is a member of the Pakistan music industry. The candidates can show there talent and team led can select the candidates in the auditions. After the auditions there are twenty-six participants can be selected. The twenty-six participants are the following:

  • Twenty-six participants:
    • Ali Raza

    • Nauman Shafi

    • Nazia

    • Shaz Khan

    • Waqas Azeem

    • Wajeeh Uddin

    • Imran Ali

    • Rafeh Ali

    • Anmol

    • Azeem

    • Ahmer Abbas

    • Ali Raza

    • Abdul Qadir

    • Amjad Warsi

    • Latif Ali

    • Ali Asad

    • Faraz Ali

    • Ghazal Ali

    • Abdul Basit

    • Hina Makhani

    • Mohammad Raheel Langa

    • Kashif Khan

    • Kumail Abbas

    • Asad Ali

    • Tauqeer Tahir

    • Rose Merry

    • Humera

  • Directed by
    • Kamran Khan

  • Presented by
    • Nouman Javaid

  • Judges
    • Fariha Pervez

    • Sheraz Uppal

    • Faakhir Mehmood

    • Haroon Rashid

    • Rameez Mukhtar

    • Rahim Shah

In this talent show the participants can create the six teams and the nineteen episodes of this talent show can be announced.

  • Team Names:
    • Fariha Kay Surilay

    • Faakhir Kay Janbaaz

    • Rahim Kay Joshilay

    • Shiraz Kay Manchalay

    • Rameez Kay Deewanay

    • Haroon Kay Matwala

  • Pakistan Star:

Pakistan Star is the Pakistani talent show in which the participants can show their talent. This talent show that can by Bol entertainment. This talent show is the best in Pakistan. This talent show can be released on the 5 June 2019. There are many auditions of this talent show that can be done but the auditions can be continued. In this talent show, the participant can show their talent and the judges can select the best talent. This talent show is the first and greatest reality talent show in Pakistan. In this talent show, many participants can show their talent in acting, singing, dancing, and comedian. This reality talent show is amazing.

  • A singing competition is known as a star singer.

  • Dancing competition is known as a star dancer.

  • The acting competition is known as a star actor.

  • Comedy competition is known as a star comedian.

In Karachi, the audition of this talent show can be started and are continued in the other cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, and Faisalabad. This talent show is great. There are three judges of this show and are the following.

  • Judges:
    • Hamza Ali Abbasi,

    • Kubra khan

    • Jawed Shaikh

  • Host of this show:
    • Veena Malik is the host of this show.

  • Pakistan Idol:

Pakistan Idol is a Pakistani singing talent show. This is the reality singing competition. This talent show is the part of the idols franchise and is created in 2001. This is the talent show in which the participants can show their talent. This talent show is the singing talent show that is the production of the company 19 Entertainments. This talent show is the best talent show in Pakistan and reality singing talent show. This singing talent show is the great and most popular singing talent show. There are the 3 judges of these talent shows and their names are the following:

  • Judges:
    • Hadiqa Kiani

    • Ali Azmat

    • Bushra Ansari

  • Host of this show:
    • The host of this show is Mohib Mirza

There are many processes of this talent show to select a person and these are called the selection process. The selection process of this talent show is the following:

  • Contestant eligibility

  • auditions

  • Theatre round

  • voting of the audience

  • semi-final and then final

  • winner

  • Pepsi Battle of the Bands:

Pepsi Battle of the Bands is the singing talent competition in which the participant can show your singing talents. This talent show is aired in 2002 and it id the concept of the battle of the bands. There are many seasons of this talent show, this talent shows the most famous talent show and the most watchable talent show.

  • Presented by
    • Ayesha Omer

    • Hina Altaf

  • Created by
    • PepsiCo Pakistan

  • Directed by
    • Andrew Bramley

  • Judges
    • Meesha Shafi

    • Atif Aslam

    • Farooq Ahmed

    • Strings

    • Rohail Hyatt

    • Fifi Haroon

    • Shahi Hasan

    • Fawad Khan

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