Most-Watched Chinese Talent Shows

Millions of people speak Chinese as they do not recognize any other language. There is a vast variety of talent shows specially designed for Chinese people. So to communicate with Chinese people you need to learn Chinese. Many Chinese people also speak English. Many people in the world watch talent shows. Talent shows may be a comedy, adventurous, action, singing and dance competition.

You can watch Chinese talent shows on your television. If you do not have television then you have an option to watch these shows online. You can watch on its official website. It’s a great favor for millions of people who want to watch Chinese shows. The list of talent shows is given below:

  • Where are we going, Dad?

  • I am a Singer

  • The voice of China

  • Happy Camp

  • Tian Tian Xiang Shang

  • The Brain

  • If you are the one

  • China’s Got Talent

  • Date with Luyu

  • The Rap of China

  • The Chinese Poetry Competition

  • Qi Pa Shuo

  • The Birth of Actors

  • Dream House Renovation

The Rap of China

The Rap of China is one of the best talent shows which was released in 2018. It is the leading hip-hop show in the country. The Rap of China is a kind of reality shows in which they discuss the background of rappers. It’s a first youth show in which different participants are selected from different places. They come here to showcase their talent. This show does not air on television. You can watch this talent show on the internet. It’s a huge platform for youth to learn rap music. The one who is the best rapper would be the winner. All the decisions are taken by the audience and the judges. This show gained popularity and become one of the top reality shows in China.

Produced by:
Mike Myles, Doug Shallow, Yue Wang, Albee Zhang

Jin Au-Yeung, Migos, Kris Wu

Where are we going, Dad?

Where are we going, Dad is a popular show which was released on 31st January 2014. It was directed by Yan Lin and Dikui Xie. In this show, there is a group of fathers who separate from their partners and start travelling with their sons or daughters. They participate in different challenges and struggle hard to win these competitions. It is the most interesting show as the relation between the child and the father become stronger. If you think that Chinese children are so cute then you should watch this show. The language used in this show is very simple and can be easily understood by the people.

Cindy Tian, Liang Tian, Liang Zhang, Yuexuan Zhang, Shiling Wang, Yuelun Wang, Tao Guo, Jimmy Lin

I am a Singer

I am a singer is a singing show which was released on 18th January 2014. It’s a reality show which is based on the Korean reality show. Participants have to sing well and perform in front of the audience and famous singers (judges). This show consists of four or five rounds. The one who did not perform well and ranked last in the list, would be eliminated first. This show is different from other reality shows because all the best singers are contestants of this show. They want to become more popular that’s why they take apart is this talent show. They do not only sing their own song but also melodies from other singers.

The voice of China

The Voice of China is a Chinese talent show which was released on 13th July 2012. It was directed by Jin Lei. This show is considered as one of the best talent shows in China. In this show, participants perform on the stage and sing melodious songs. The judges have turned their backs and they just hit the button ‘I want you’. After doing this, they turn their back and come to know about that singer whom they are listening to. This show is very interesting as the judges don’t know who is singing on the stage. There are many selection rounds. Contestants have to show their presence on each round.

Jay Chou, Liu Huan, Na Ying, A-mei, Wang Feng, Chyi Chin, Yang Kun, Harlem Yu

Happy Camp

Happy Camp is one of the popular TV shows which was released on 11th July 1997. You can watch Happy Camp on Hunan TV. It was directed by He Jiong, Li Weijia, Xie Na, Du Haitao, and Wu Xin. Different Chinese celebrities including singers, actors, sports player and musicians come to this show and take apart in different challenges & competitions. They play different games and spend their time with the audience. They participate in different activities such as interviews, games, performances and much more.

China’s Got Talent

China’s Got Talent is the most popular show which was released on 23rd July 2010. It was premiered on Dragon TV. There are more than 500 million viewers who watch China’s Got Talent. Talented people come to this show and give auditions. The one who can showcase the talent perfectly would get a chance. Judges give marks on the based on their performances.

Gao Xiaosong, Zhou Libo, Annie Yi

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