Best Talent Shows of All Times

Talent Shows:

The talent show is the platform for those people who have some sort of hidden talent in them. In this platform, they showcase their talent of singing, acting, dancing, performing and playing any sort of instrument. It also covers many other activities such as standup comedy or any other such skill. Some talent shows are not contests they are just performance-based shows in which people just present their talent in front of people. For example in the contest participants remains motivated because of winnig price, trophy or appreciation. So it is all about performing and showcasing and finding new talent in people and showing that talent to the world.

Famous Reality Shows of All Times:

Some of the famous reality shows of all times are:

  • Notun Kuri

  • Star Search

  • Sound Mix Show

  • Popstars

  • Star Academy

  • Idol

  • Last Comic Standing

  • Dancing with the Stars

  • King of Mask Singer

  • World of Dance

Notun Kuri:

Notun Kuri is a talent show of Bangladesh. Creator of the show was Mustafa Monwar. The show was started in 1966. At first, it was on aired on Pakistani television and then after the partition of Pakistan and Bangladesh, it was restarted. Judge of the show was Anil Kishon Sinha. Producer of the show was Kazi kayyum. The main purpose of the show was to find the best emerging talent from all across Bangladesh. The show was from 1996 to 2006.

Star Search:

Star search is an American talent show. Producer of the show was Rysher Entertainment. The show was from 1983 to 1995. The host of the show was Ed McMahon. And the creator of the show was Al Masini. Then the show was relaunched by 2929 Productions. It covered several entertainment fields in which contestants competed with each other. The show was first to shoot in Earl Carrol Theater. And then later on in Disney Hollywood Studios. This show came in a different version. The main purpose of the show was to find new talents of the country in different fields.

Sound Mix Show:

Sound Mix Show is the Dutch talent show. The host of the show was Henny Huisman. It was then started in many other countries also. The creator of the show was Joop Van Den Ende. It was started in the Netherlands. It was the production of Endemol. The main purpose of the show was to find new emerging singing talents of the country.


Popstars was an International singing talent show. The aim to make this show was to search for new singing sensations. It was started in New Zealand in the year 1999. The producer of the show was Johnathan Dowling. It was the most successful format of TV shows. The format was used by more than 50 countries and it became really popular. This was the inspiration for Idol franchise.


Idol is the most popular talent show of singing. The creator of the show was Simon Fuller. The developer of the show was Fremantle. The show was started in 2001. It is the most successful talent show ever. It is most-watched TV show ever. It was adopted by more than 45 countries. It is an estimation that more than 3.2 billion people watched the show. It was the most successful show as it generated a revenue of $ 2.5 billion.

Last Comic Standing:

Last Comic Standing is an American talent show. The format of the show was a competition. The show was telecasted on NBC. The show was shown from 2003 to 2010. It was again produced and shown from 2014 to 2015. The show goal was to find the new talent of comedians. The winner got cash price and special appearance. In 2014 show the winner got cash price and a talent special seal with NBC.

Dancing with the Stars:

Dancing with stars is an international talent show. It is the dancing talent show. It was on the format of British show name Strictly Come Dancing. The show was shown on BBC worldwide. The show was adopted by many other countries all around the world. In this way, this show got popularity all over the world. Gradually it became the most popular TV show for 2006 and 2007. It was among the top 10 shows in 17 different countries.

King of Mask Singer:

The King of Mask Singer is a Korean talent show. It is a singing talent show. The presenter of the show was Kim Sung Joo with Lee Won Joon. It was telecasted on MBC on the day Sunday at the time of 4:50 (KST). It was started on 5th of April 2015. It was for the Sunday night programming of MBC.

World of Dance:

World of Dance is an American TV talent show. It is a competition based talent showoff dance. The show was produced by Jenifer Lopez. The host for the first two seasons was Jenna Dewan. And for a third season the host was Scott Ewan. The format was to do dance competition for the prize of about $ 1 Million. The judges of the show were Jenifer Lopez, Ne-Yo and Derek Hough.

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