Best International Talent Shows

The talent show is the platform for those people who have some sort of extraordinary talent in them. In this platform, they show their talent of singing, acting, dancing, performing and playing any kind of instrument. It also covers many other talents such as standup comedy or any other such extraordinary skill. Some talent shows are not competition they are just performance-based shows in which people just present their talent in front of people. For example in the contest contestants remains motivated because of winning price, award or praise. So it is all about performing and showing and searching new talent in people and showing that talent to the world.

Top international Talent Shows:

Top international talent shows of the world are:

  • America’s Got Talent
  • The X Factor
  • The Sing-Off
  • Pop Idol
  • America’s Most Talented Kid
  • The Glee Project:
  • Show Time at Apollo:
  • The Great British Bakeoff

America’s Got Talent:

America’s got talent is an American talent show. It was telecasted on NBC channel. It got inspired by the British series of the name British got talent. It takes auditions for new talent of different fields such as singers, actor’s dancer’s comedians and other talented performers of any other talent. They compete for the winning prize with each other. The winning prize is of one million dollars. The show was started in 2006.

The X Factor:

The X Factor is a British talent show. It is a music talent competition. The contestants were selected by raking auditions all around the country. The creator of the show was Simon Cowell. The show was started on 2004 September. The producer of the show was Fremantle Media’s Thames and the production company of Cowell Syco TV. It was on aired on ITV network. The show was adopted by many other countries. The purpose of the show was to show special talent to the public.

The Sing-Off:

The sing Off is an American TV talent show which is a singing competition between the people who came to compete by giving auditions and being selected by the judges. It was started on 14th December 2019. It was the production of Sony Pictures Television and Outlaw productions. There were five seasons of this show. The presenter of the show was Nick Lachy. The judges of the show were Shawn Stockman Jewel Patrick Stump Nicole Scherzinger Ben Folds and Sara Bareilles.

Pop Idol:

Idol is the most famous talent show of singing competition. The creator of the show was Simon Fuller. The creator of the show was Fremantle. The show began in 2001. It is the most successful talent show ever. It is most-watched TV show ever. It was then started by more than 45 countries. It is an estimation that more than 3.2 billion people watched the show. It was the most successful show as it generated a revenue of $ 2.5 billion.

America’s Most Talented Kid:

American Most Talented Kid is an American Talent competition. It was telecasted on NBC. It was started on 28th March 2003. It was a competition between three different age groups of kids. They competed with each other in different fields such as songs, dance, magic and other fields of entertainment. The celebrity judges of the show were Sisqo, Maureen McCormick, Jermaine Jackson and Daisy Fuentes. The host of the show was Mario Lopez. At the last round, only three kids were left which competed with each other in the finale. In the end, Cheyenne Kimball won the show.

The Glee Project:

The Glee Project is an American based talent competition show. The producer of the show was Oxygen. It was based on the audition of Fox Music Company. The first season of the show was started in the US on 12th June 2011 and ended on 21st August 2011. The second season was started in Canada from 14th July 2011 from Sky 1. After the second season, it was announced that there will be no third season of the show.

Show Time at Apollo:

Show Time at Apollo is a music-based TV talent show. It was started from 1987 to 2008. It telecasted almost 1093 episodes. It was produced by Apollo Theaters. The show telecast the live performance of established stars as well as upcoming stars. It also telecast the Amateur Night competition at Apollo Theater of New York City. The show was recorded in many other cities. The live version of the show was shown on every Wednesday. The normal show was aired on Saturday and Sunday.

The Great British Bakeoff:

The Great British Bakeoff is the British baking talent show of England. It was produced by Love production. In this new baker from all over the country are selected through auditions. The contestants then are given different challenges and they compete with each other to impress the panel of the judges. The worst contestant in the challenge is eliminated of the show and the other goes to the next round of the competition. The show was started on 17th August 2010. Its first two seasons was on aired on BBC two and third season on BBC one.

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